Ali loves to stare at me like a stupid bitch!

Commissioned by Endgamer

Commissioned by ScottyKat

His OC railing the ever loving fuck out of my chubby wife Ali!

Tomorrow night Ali and I will be streaming again. I’ll send an announcement when it happens.

I don’t know what we’ll get up to this time. Last time she sucked my dick like the slut she is while I drew stuff!

Finished during my last stream with Ali!

She makes a very dumb mermaid!

Don’t forget, streaming with her tomorrow evening, around 9pm EST

Commissioned by Knobbit.

Inspired by the recent streams with my wife, Knobbit commissioned me to draw Ali and myself together. It took some money to make it happen but I finally drew a self insert character. Been awhile since I drew something wholesome.

Sadly the audio quality isn’t great, we were trying to do the stream in the same room this time. I have the kinks worked out and it won’t be an issue on the next one. Warning we do use the word ‘r*t*rd’, mostly in reference to Ali. If this upsets or offends I would recommend not listening. 

We talk about what fictional characters Ali would bang, our trip to a local sex toy shop and the sounds she makes when I poke her.

From here on Ali will be joining me on most of my Saturday streams.

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Ali and I had so much fun with the last one that we are doing it again!

Join us on April 29th as Ali and I talk about your questions and topics ranging from mundane to super lewd! The exact time is approximate but I’ll send out another message before we go live.

If you can’t make it leave your question here and I’ll add it to the list.