Dana and Layla’s landlord is gross. 😀

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A little something for Halloween, Molly and friends dressed up as the sailor scouts. I know I’ve done this before but I always liked the idea and wanted to revisit it.

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After a short hiatus the FFW Electic Night Fight will finally continue this weekend. I’ll be streaming/illustrating the result from The Rich Bitch vs. The Masked MooCow

In the meantime, the losers from the first round are here to provide the audience with some entertainment!
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In the closest match yet, The Rich Bitch narrowly defeats her the tenacious Hemmo-Rage! She goes on to face the Masked Moo-Cow in her next match. We have one last match in the first round before that. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the poll for that soon.

The third match of the FFW direct elimination tournament.

Vote for you favorite girl to make it to the finals and win the ENF championship belt.

I’ll be drawing the results of the match(a single image) live on stream.

Each poll will be closed the day before the next stream. I’ll announce a few days before the stream goes live.

The finals match will restrict voting to my subscribers on subscriberstar/fanbox. (The final match will get a short mini comic along with the winner getting a special piece of art just for her.)