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Nora and Charlotte proved they weren’t willing to go the distance in the ring and now they must face the promotions punishment!

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I know it’s been awhile but the wrestling tournament continues!

Gabriella comes out on top as she beat Ms. Asstronomical! The final round will be between Molly and Gabriella… who would’ve thought? 😀

I’ll post about the details in the coming days.

Nora and Charlotte are trying to keep their naughty little secret but people keep finding out about it.

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Here is the full bracket for all the participants in the ongoing wrestling tournament.

Just a reminder that Ass-tronomical vs La Dragona is happening now and I will close voting on Friday 8/5.

The second match of the FFW direct elimination tournament. Time for some of my secondary characters to get a little shine.

Vote for you favorite girl to make it to the finals and win the ENF championship belt.

I’ll be drawing the results of the match(a single image) live on stream.

Each poll will be closed the day before the next stream. I’ll announce a few days before the stream goes live.

The finals match will restrict voting to my subscribers on subscriberstar/fanbox. (The final match will get a short mini comic along with the winner getting a special piece of art just for her.)

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