Some mother/daughter fun to celebrate mother’s day!

This is a color/redraw of an ask I did quite awhile ago. Updated with some color and new text to go with it.

Commissioned by Gremloblin during one of my live streams.

Nora’s kids love her so much!

For those interested, I’m doing polls on my subscribestar once a month and create some new art for the character that receives the most votes. This is the first of the poll images.

This month you can vote on Brieon, Gwen, Heather, Karin, Noelle or Rei. 

Commission for Gremloblin.

Nora is surprised to find someone else in her bed.

Gremloblin commissioned this during one of my streams over the summer.

I don’t normally do this vector style anymore but just this once I brought it back. 😀
Not sure what she’s so scared of though…a crab maybe?

Commissioned by Knolden

Chris makes a promise with his mother, Nora.

Part 2 of a previous question for Charlotte. If you have a question for Charlotte or any of my characters leave a comment here or at