The old look of the site was just horrendous… I’ll try and update the site over the next few days. Let me know if you see any major problems.

Now that I have an idea for who’s going trick or treating with Molly and Charlotte, its time to figure out what they’re going as:

I’m spreading the word on The Jabarchives… unfortunately due to an issue with their payment processes they are in danger of closing. This site has been around a long time and it’d be a damn shame if it closed… please consider supporting them.

Thanks for all the questions over the past year guys and gals.

I have over 100 questions in the queue for Molly and her friends. While this is great it recently became unmanageable in the way I was doing things. In the past I held comments unmoderated until I answered them. This isn’t really going to work out anymore… and I don’t know if it ever really did.

I’ve started a new system and will no longer sit on moderating your comments. That way I can interact with anyone that only leaves me comments here. If you notice that you just had a bunch of comments approved that’s why.

In the future I’ll try and reply to individual comments on here when I post my characters’ replies.