Question Handling

Thanks for all the questions over the past year guys and gals.

I have over 100 questions in the queue for Molly and her friends. While this is great it recently became unmanageable in the way I was doing things. In the past I held comments unmoderated until I answered them. This isn’t really going to work out anymore… and I don’t know if it ever really did.

I’ve started a new system and will no longer sit on moderating your comments. That way I can interact with anyone that only leaves me comments here. If you notice that you just had a bunch of comments approved that’s why.

In the future I’ll try and reply to individual comments on here when I post my characters’ replies.

9 Comments on “Question Handling

  1. Yo! I’ve quite interested in your artwork and creativity on them. I’ve badly wanted to write literature of them, but with last of time, it has been impossible. So I wanna cheer you on! Go for it! I’ll dump my questions asap!

    • I haven’t yet. I plan on doing so in the future. Lately its been hard for me to get to the movies though. Not that I ever went to opening weekends that often.

  2. I got a question for Molly, have you ever been to a hypnotist? And if so I gotta ask, did he make you think you were a cow or do anything rather kinky?

    • Heh… If I illustrate this question… What’s in this comic? Just a bunch of animal dicks? Or… animals taking advantage of helpless girls? Just wanna know so I can have Molly react appropriately.

      • Thanks for your message and sorry I couldn’t get back to you I was very busy ! Now your future question ok Porno Animals is about this guy named Dave who later is talked to Porno Animals the camel she says “Hey Dave I have a real magical world inside my pussy would you like to go she says I call it Jungletopia. So later on he’s shoved inside her pussy as Dave in the real magical world of Jungletopia as a horny whore female anthro Kangaroo named Cremy Cunt sticks her cum covered claws in Dave’s mouth and he doesn’t know if he should be sick or turned on !
        So what happened is guys, girls and shemale /herms pay animal beast anthros for sex in the story and this rude Crocodile pimp boss named Crock Cock smoking a cigar gives you 6 billion magic money to screw females and shemale/herms and they fuck you basically it’s prostitution for anthro animals. hope that clears that up ! Also note the anthros in the comics are gross, nasty, horny and dirty and down right raunchy enjoy.

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