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  1. Ok here is an idea Goth girls hate cute pink things so why not have Charlotte doll Dana up like a pony or something and have a tail in her ass then have her crawl on the ground wile Charlotte rides and whips her.
    Oh and have Charlotte making Dana eat grass.

  2. Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess whose innocence and purity were known throughout the land. She desired only to be loved by her subjects. But one day walking in the public gardens, wicked bandits came after the Princess’s hand maiden. “Please do not harm her.” The Princess begged. So instead the bandits took her. And they hurt the Princess. But when she returned the kingdom hadn’t changed and even her Handmaiden did not know her suffering. And so the Princess made a vow. She would no longer make the people Love her but instead Fear her. And with that she sealed away her heart unable to love or be loved ever again. Such a sad tale.

    ~With Love The Marquis

  3. So Dana, why don’t you have your pet pig fuck Charlotte in the shower at the school ! Because now she is a naked slut in public and has go to school nude and wear the sign slut over her forehead have fun with her !

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