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  1. It’s a bit difficult to ask a follow-up question to this when it’s been commissioned into a short series and knowing that there’s more to come. But it’s great work and feels appropriate to have the continuation posted to site it originated from.

    Love how the sisters came out and Gabriella’s dialog is funny, is that your writing or the commissioner’s?

  2. No question to go with it? I mean, technically the comments on “Spread” cover this one pretty well! Stoked we got our wish. And with higher quality coloring at that!
    God bless you, disembodied tongues.

    • Yeah I probably should have jammed a question into this one. Well we’ll see if I can find one for the next part. 😉

  3. Well as fun as it would be to ask a bunch of things and try to hit what was requested, you’d probably just want to make something up that fits the request. Or get ahold of the requester and have him word it as such.

    As far as what I’d like to see: fingering Angie with a dick in her mouth, and and a titjob on Gabby. Honestly oral on both of them is probably better, but then who be able to say anything?

    Looking forward to wherever it goes.

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