7 Comments on “Molly Likes Her Toppings

    • They are not. I pick questions that I like/find interesting/inspire. I tend to do things the girls can answer or put them into dirty situations that appeal to me. So getting picked has a pretty low chance of happening considering how many questions I get. x_x

      You can commission a question if you like. That will of course guarantee you get some sort of answer.

  1. Hi Molly, when is your birthday? I’m sure you have many fans wanting to know if their zodiac is compatible with yours.

  2. Gosh Molly, all this pizza, and you said your favourite things (after Jesus) were ice cream and cake… aren’t you worried about getting fat? You’re already looking a bit chubby in that bikini, tubbs.
    What does your mother think?
    Of course if you get bigger your tits and ass will probably grow, maybe you want that?
    Or maybe you’re one of those girls that puts on weight so no-one will molest them, is that it?

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