Redo: Ms. Greene

This one requires some explaination. Originally I was going to have Ms. Greene be a spy/assassin but for a number of reasons I’ve decided to change that. The biggest reason being it just didn’t fit the theme of Molly’s universe. So here’s Ms. Greene ready to be apart of Farmer’s Fields.


10 Comments on “Redo: Ms. Greene

  1. Ms.Greene, as a teacher, do find detention is enough of a punishment for your students or do you get creative?

  2. If you work at the High School then you were probably there when Molly was forced to spen some time naked. Any thoughts on that whole incident?

  3. You could make Ms.Greene like a Mrs.Smith character. School Teacher by day, secret agent by night.

  4. you’ve seen how intense some of graces punishments on molly are….putting her outside while naked, pulling her pants down and spanking her naked ass in public, and even more sexual punishments….do you discipline your daughter in a similar way?

  5. Ms. Greene, you are clearly an excellent mother, as evidenced by the “Fiona and Gabriella” image.
    When will you be giving Angie similar lessons (if you haven’t already)?

  6. Okay, now I have a question for Charlotte:
    Charlotte, what kind of idiot would be stupid enough to bully the teacher’s daughter?!

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