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  1. Geez, maybe eating her out a bit will make her shut up about being scared. Distract them with pleasure.

  2. Hey Gabby, how old were you when you lost you’re virginity? I’m guessing it wasn’t a good experience since you’re crushing on Molly so hard.

  3. God bless the floating hands and their fine taste.
    By all means they should give Gabriella a good fingering (a hand has nothing else to use) but be gentle with Angie and stick to a nice rubdown.

  4. You’re little sis look kinda scared, Gabby. Better give her a nice, deep kiss to make her feel more at ease.

  5. Eh, fuck the floating body parts. I say those floating hands ought to make Gabriella’s NON-floating mouth intimately familiar with Angie’s little cunt.

  6. Those hands should teach Angie what that funny feeling is all about and give her her first orgasm…and 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th…she needs an outlet for all that extra energy she has.

  7. Hey Gabby you know where this is going for both of you. Why don’t you help Molly ease into it? Use your mouth.

  8. FlOating aRms CEase Gripping gABRIELLA’s FACE I am dissappoiNTed in yOu. All the NauGhty InchES of flesH and yOu pinch her cheeks LikE a Senile grandmother. get off her and the new hands know what to do.

    but noone gets to take angie’s virginity that’s going to be a special event for the collective but you wonderful readers will get to see when it happens.



    ~The Watcher

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