22 Comments on “Charlotte Threatened

  1. Maybe if you spend some time naked at school, like you did to poor little Molly, then nobody has to know about it.

  2. Surprise surprise. Big bitch on campus I swear people like you are so fucking predictable. What do you even have against the other. Non of them really seem to do anything to you personally. And, don’t give that pig crap you deserved it and you know it.

  3. Streaking’s a nice START, but she should also divulge the REAL reason she torments the girls around Farmer’s Fields. Trying to remember what she’s shouting at the top of her lungs will give her something to take her mind off of all the stares, even if it also increases the audience size.

    • Now now Apollo. The Reason Charlotte is being so Cooperative is because I know her secret. If she started Blabbing her secret she wouldn’t have to play our games. So instead enjoy playing with her instead.

        • Why does she hate Molly?

          And what secret could destroy her if leak?

          Perhaps they have the same answer.

          But I made a deal here. So I shall speak of this no more. Let this percolate in your mind.

  4. Anything, eh? I think to start, you should show off that ass. I mean, that’s an awful short skirt you’re wearing, isn’t it?

  5. I got three things for you, Charlotte.
    1. Survive an alternate universe where Molly makes you her bitch. (And you rim Molly)
    2. Spend a night alone with David, let’s you handle Molly’s father >:3
    3. You made Molly a cum dump once….so let’s you deal with it.

    And as for Grace, I got some good blackmail material for you. -waves a copy of a photo of Grace in a comprising position- I won’t send it if become “suggestible”.

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