10 Comments on “The way home

  1. Sorry About that Molly. If I had known i’d have given you a lift home. I was out that day. Charlotte’s such a, well you know. Cheer up. You know you’re the prettiest girl in Farmer’s Fields when you smile. We should go out for pizza after the game some time. Just uh ask me in person first. Wouldn’t want Charlotte playing a prank on you.

  2. Hey Molly did you make it back to the Farm alright? I’d hate for the milk supply to run out! ROFLMAO Slut!!!

  3. Hey Molly I have to cancel plans for this weekend. Charlotte is making me study at her house this weekend.
    I’m Soooooo Sorry please text me as soon as you can so we can reschedule.

  4. Big concert at the Rat’s Den Club. Come see our band. Mollys and Molly’s friends get in free. Charlotte’s have a three drink minimum. We’ll Rock your Face off!

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