11 Comments on “The Zoo

  1. Why I have a feeling that going to happen anyway by judging the look of that gorilla’s face?

    BEHOLD!!! The union of gorilla and cow! Has science gone to far? I think not lol

  2. this one is for mollys mom. would you bring your daughter into a sex toy shop to buy some kind of vibrator just to watch her be embarrassed and uncomfortable in the store?

  3. Hey Molly, what’s it like to use a butt plug or dildo for anal? I suspect with propet preperation it can be enjoyable.

  4. Then explain why you have sex with a tentacle monster it’s consider bestiality is it not Molly and I suppose you have sex with a werewolf too and say no I don’t have sex with animals ?

  5. I got question for you molly moo cow ? what would you do if a new different girl fucked you and told you to keep her shemale secret away from your friends! How would you react to her.

  6. But look at that horse over there, he’s got such a hard-on for you. How can you look at that enormous schlong and not want to help him out?

  7. Hey Molly. Your parents seem to be assholes but they probably have tried to set you up with Ron on a date since you crush on him, even if only to get you laid so you’d be less “uptight” how’d that work out?

  8. At the zoo part 2 well you say you don’t have sex with any zoo animal Molly MooCow ? Why don’t you ask your tentacle sex friend if he thinks you have sex with beast! I bet he’ll say you gave a horse a blowjob once and enjoy the hot Jizz going down your throat like the whore you are !

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