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  1. Hey Gabriella, do you still go over to Molly’s house for sleepovers and stuff even though her dad had his way with you? If so what else has he done and does Molly know anything about it?

  2. Now a question for you Monkeycheese. Is Angie going to be feature in any sexy adventures and/or misadventures?

      • True there are people who gets way turn on by it, gets very much upset about even the lightest of things, and people who don’t care because its art. I happen to be the non caring type

      • In my point of view, it wouldn’t be that bad.
        And as an artist, you should have to right to draw whatever you want, even if it would upset people. πŸ™‚

        • This is true. But if I want to be a successful artist I have to consider that kind of content carefully. Not that I haven’t drawn loli content in the past.

          • If it’s rare, I don’t think, people will have a problem with.
            Or you could do a servey in deviantart to see, if people want that. πŸ™‚

          • Well sounds like you’d want to see it anyways. Not nice things might happen to Angie though. ;p

          • I don’t mind some not nice things happening to angie. In fact i’d think it be pretty funny if she was into it…like how do you hurt a masochist.

  3. ill toss out a question for Angie. hey Angie, you interested in boys yet or are you more focused on wanting to hang out with gabby and her friend molly?

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