8 thoughts on “Angie and Gabriella

  1. AvatarGourry

    Those floating cocks look like they could use a nice tight hug, so maybe you girls could let your asses help out with that?

  2. AvatarSolus

    Mouths? I could think of another place that could use dicks more. What could be a better expression of sisterly love than becoming aunts together?

  3. AvatarLily

    I’m still hoping for the floating hands to make those girls use their NON-floating tongues on each other’s cunts…

  4. AvatarSir Blues

    Hey, Ms. Greene. Can I call you Fiona?

    Well, do you have a male student in your class in particular that you would be willing to have fail the course just to have the chance to spend some “extensive study time” with?

    (Bonus points, if Fiona is already banging him in the pic)


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