5 thoughts on “Gwen and Angie

  1. AvatarSolus

    Wait, wasn’t Gwen just getting gangbanged? Uh, oh, Angie, you better keep your eyes peeled, those dicks could still be around here somewhere!

    1. MonkeycheeseMonkeycheese Post author

      She was!

      I can’t always answer questions in order. Also most of the things that happen here have the characters breaking the 4th wall. The characters are answering things in character. But when the question is more of a request/suggestion its not really cannon.

  2. AvatarSolus

    Angie may end up with the better butt, but I bet Gwen will have bigger tits. Girls, why don’t you take your shirts off and press your chests together so we can compare?

  3. Avatarprobablyacreep

    Double loli butt!
    I dunno Gwen, Angie’s ass is looking pretty good from here, I think we might need a closer look, and an in depth hands on comparison.


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