17 thoughts on “Charlotte Slut in Public

  1. AvatarKiTA

    No no no, that’s no good, no one can see it if you’re walking away from them. You should get one of those boys to write it on your back, like a tramp-stamp.

  2. AvatarApollo

    You’re asking for a pass while your arm stays clamped over your breasts AND your butt is turned away from us? Sorry, but a full view is the MINIMUM price of freedom.

    But to be fair, I’ll tell you how to make it simple. March yourself to a clothing store and stand in front of a mirror. And just to make it interesting, you should do a handstand. That should be child’s play for a fit cheerleader, right?

  3. AvatarGremloblin

    You’re not getting off so easily. Get on all fours and start shouting “Everyone look at this slutty bitch in heat!” if anyone touches you, ask them to “pet” you more. And don’t forget to woof.

  4. AvatarLily

    Mmh, knowing Charlotte, I bet she’s going to be able to play this off as making fun of Molly anyway. She just has to be confident and laugh at anyone staring.

  5. Avatarlock444

    i dont think you should go just yet. the chess club needs someone to be under the tables giving them a little love. im sure you could make up for a lot of the teasing you have done.

  6. AvatarPoncho1

    No you can’t go just yet. They said you had to spend the day naked. I wonder what people will think if you while your shopping.

    With a body like yours I’m sure everyone guy and gal will be wanting to feel you up. So how about this. Let everyone feel you up as you go about the day, and maybe we will consider everything you did null and void.

  7. AvatarVent

    Get on that school stage naked apart from a pair of thin white panties. Set your phone on vibrate mode, stick it in your panties next to your pussy, give everyone in the room your number and tell them to text you over and over all. Or do you want your story to be exposed?

  8. AvatarRandomRedneck

    Hey, fellas. She’s totally into public sex. She’ll pretend to resist, but she’s secretly into it. Have at her.

  9. AvatarKamron Blake

    There, now walk into the boys’ locker room during the big game! The guys need to play at their best, and we don’t want their foot-long boners slowing them down!

  10. AvatarDeku

    She’s definitely going to be getting a spanking. I don’t imagine her mom will appreciate her daughter getting naked randomly at school.

    She’ll it from her mom, the principle. Or maybe just some pervy bystander. But there’s no way she’s not getting a spanking.


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