6 Comments on “Daddy just wants to help.

  1. So Molly I know you and your friend have had a few problems with Charlotte in the past but have either of you tried to get back at her?

  2. With all the humiliation Molly gets, I wonder if she ever did anything naked just for the fun of it.

  3. Sure where did we here that story before that daddy want’s to help Molly Moocow in the shower. I’m pretty sure he’s the biggest pervert that has more then helping on his mind I bet he want’s to tap Molly’s fat ass and yes fuck her without his wife knowing. He was watching his daughter take a shower wonder what Molly thinks of her father now ?

  4. A perverted father, a bitchy mother, a horrible bully, a best friend who fantasizes about more, and two authority figures who abuse their power over Molly. Does anyone in Molly’s life not seek out her naked body?

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