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  1. molly i know you like to swallow cum and all, but i have something new for you to swallow. if you could swallow 1000 tiny people and they all moved around in your belly. how would you react as your stomach gurgle and moved?

  2. I imagine this happens more than once.. Do you have take the train to school?

    I say just ignore it that stuff happens all the time.

    Over time you get used to it trust me I have degrees and licenses. *quickly flash a fake id/badges to convince her* and don’t worry if they steal all your cloths every time it’s normal.

  3. Hello Molly I’m Dr. Clown *make up smart stuff to convince her I know what I’m talking about*

    I suggest you just let it happen and you will get used to it because *smart sounding bullshit* also don’t worry about them stealing your cloths and having to walk around naked that is normal.

    Also being covered in cum is good for the skin because *bullshit science talk* so make sure to get it everywhere including inside.

    ( To Monkeycheese, sorry if I repeat my self some how. I’m using my phone. So if you going to use my comments use this one and again sorry if I repeat)

  4. I have always loved your humiliations, molestation’s and abuse situations. Now I’m a member to see all your fun (to me) times. Have you ever been pimped out or were forced to preform acts that someone else profited from? 🙂

  5. I would so like to see Molly and her friend Gabby share a huge black cock between their asses. ;D

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