13 Comments on “Grace Body-Shames Molly

  1. You may be fat, Molly, but it could always be worse: at least you don’t have your mom’s rotten personality.

  2. Molly you moocow you should thank your mother for bringing you into this world and teaching you self esteem! Where else could you find a great caring mother and father? Sheesh. 😉

      • Maybe she feels so bad that she has to please each one in their own way while verbally berating her. Grace don’t hurt her ass or throat with your strapon or bind her udders. “Daddy your cock tastes like shit!” “Yeah, I know. Your friend Gabriella wanted money for the movies.” :O Just a couple of thoughts. 😛 😀

        • I’ll give these some consideration. 🙂

          I was thinking of having her between her parents while they berate her. Molly meanwhile is naked and crying. 😀

          • Actually, I was thinking that but was not sure if they both knew what the other was up too. Molly sounds like you’re going to be the “butt” of our jokes again. So she hates me. 😀

          • Well initially I was thinking that Grace wouldn’t know what was going on between David and Molly. The more I think about it though, the more I’m into Grace being in on it. Grace could be a little bit of a sadistic bitch and get off on seeing Molly suffer… I set a precedent for it in the Stolen Date comic. Then the two could molest and harass Molly’s friends too, Gabriella, Charlotte, Gwen, etc. 🙂

            Molly is absolutely terrified of you. 😀

  3. Grace and I would get along perfectly. David is a horny bastard and only cares as long as he gets off. Maybe Grace just needs a spark of memory from Stolen Date to get her wheels wet and turning. 🙂 Grace would be in charge although David will feel falsely in control. Women can play men like fiddles as a means to their own ends of enjoyment. 😀
    Poor Molly with the threat of being sent to a foster home where that bad man LIH waits would make her cower and agree to the rudest ideas of imagination. 🙂 Would Molly sacrifice her friends to take the heat off herself while feeling like the ultimate traitor, with deep guilt/shame? Only the shadow knows. 😀

    • I must be the shadow because I know. 😀
      Molly would never sacrifice her friends just so she could get away. So sadly for Molly she’d be at the mercy of the bad pervy LIH. She’d be forced to suffer all your cruelest abuses. 🙂

  4. The shadow knows what lies deep in the heart of men. 🙂 Or, he is a damn mind reader. Molly didn’t know I have been away from home and her fear built. I’m sure Grace used this to her advantage and enjoyed Molly’s fear to pleasure herself and her husband. Well grace, I’M BAACK. 😀

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