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  1. I’m sorry to bombard you with character questions, MC, I just want to ask at least one thing to everyone. 😊

    A question for Angela Greene. When you have a nightmare, do you prefer to snuggle into bed with your mom or older sister?

    Dude, Jamie, some people think Gabriella has a bigger crush on Molly than you do. Do you have/own anything that Gabby doesn’t, to show and prove them wrong?

    Ms. Greene, what’s the most revealing/sexist outfit you’ve ever taught a class in?

    Zoé, does the family you’re exchanged to take good care of you?

    Rumors are going around, Gabriella, that you have a masturbation addiction… Was there a time or place when someone might’ve seen you play with yourself in public?

    I heard the Angels are the poorest family in Farmer’s Fields… What’s the worst job or most degrading thing Dana’s done for money?

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