14 Comments on “Open to Suggestions

  1. lets see. for blackmailing suggestions. always on call oral sex is popular. and really its hardly even blackmail cause your doing her a favor helping her get practice for when she finally tells molly how she feels. X3

  2. you should make Gabriella use a anal toy and talk to Molly like that, while Charlotte control it 😀

  3. I think you should tie her up and gag her. Then call up Molly in front of her and tell Molly that she now part of your posse.

  4. Perhaps having her “service” a few of her male friends sexually would earn her silence on this matter. While secretly recording it for further black mail. Ah, the honey pot effect.

  5. well if she wants to just strip down and fuck herself i say why stop her, in fact i think she should strip down right now and fuck herself while you tape it. shes not that good lookin but im sure you could make plenty of money off copies of the tape, heck i bet you could even sell her to desperate nerds wanting to lose their virginity. >:3

  6. i think she just make her do some humiliating stuff i mean… oral sex and other stuff would be worse tthan what she have now XD i think should be something like i dont know… charlotte chose gabriella cltohes for a week… or something like be her puppy….

  7. Tie her up naked in your front yard to a stake in the ground wearing and anal tail plug and a collar with a pair of panties on her face

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