She’s back!

Time to get all your Molly questions answered. If you have a question leave a reply on this post. You can ask any of the Molly characters any question so please be clear on who you are addressing.

When you leave a comment I will leave it unapproved until Molly or whoever responds to it. That way that person will know that their question got answered. Also there are a ton of questions already and I’m doing them in no particular order.

Please be patient as I’m spinning many plates right now and will not get to post something everyday.

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44 Comments on “She’s back!

  1. welcome back Molly for your return you and Gabriella must answer 1- posts wearing nothing but shoes or else you will both be blackmailed! >)

  2. molly my dear its good to see you back did you get my teddy bear and letter i sent you wile you where away πŸ™‚ love kez

  3. Molly what would you do if you found out Charlotte was in love with you or the very least in lust with you and was torturing you to break you down into her personal pet and also because she assumes your necklace means you’d reject her lesbian advances? *Keeps an eye out for Charlotte*

  4. Also Molly you are gorgeous so dont feel too bad about yourself. {Just bad enough that Charlotte wont take you up three levels in punishmet}

  5. How did you become religious? Your mom, no offense, seems to be the Whore of Babylon. And we never see your father but to marry your mom he cant be that moral either.

  6. Molly,

    I have in my possession your diary which illustrates several fantasies involving you and a certain crush and several photographs of your “private time”. If you do not want these released to the entire town, meet me in the fantasy section of the library so that I might fill your unprotected womb with my seed!

  7. For both Charlotte and Molly. Freaky Friday has happened and now you are body switched. You have no idea when or if youll get your own bodies back so whatever you do to yourself you might be stuck with the consequences conversely if charlotte uses mollys muscle mass to force charlottes body to strip then if charlotte gets back in her own body everyone will think Molly bullied her and they’ll have seen Charlotte naked. what do you do?

  8. Molly, have you ever thought about getting back at Charlotte and your mom for all the mean things they do to you?

  9. Hey Molly who gave you the nickname “Molly Moo Cow”? Was it your mum? That seems likely since there is a character with the same name in the animated shorts “Rainbow parade” which came from her time.

  10. Cheer up Molly Plenty of people think youre hot I’d totally ask ya out if I went to your school.I hope the dark clothed, weirder types don’t scare you do we?

  11. Molly, have you ever thought of getting back at Charlotte? The easiest thing I can think of would be to turn her bullying against her, sort of a “I’m rubber and you’re glue” situation. Let’s say she makes a lewd comment about your breasts. You could retort about how she clearly is attracted to them, if she focuses on them so much.

  12. Molly, considering your parents’ personalities, how did you survive growing up in that household?

  13. This is for Molly, Gabriella, and Charlotte: What do your butts look like with your underwear on?

  14. So Charlotte i’ve got a question for you. You spend ninety percent of your time sexually humiliating girls. We never see you dating a guy flirting with guys or anything like that. So what is your sexuality?

  15. So Grace, Molly is a big girl so she must enjoy food. Has she ever pleased you with her talented tongue before?

  16. Mr. Milcher have you and Grace ever had Molly spend the night in your bed before or spent the night in hers and if so who is tighter?

  17. So Dana Hates Charlotte, Charlotte hates Molly and Dana, Molly loves everyone with the power of JESUS. Gabby loves Molly. And Evey loves weed. Is there one thing that every girl in Farmer’s Fields can actually agree on?

  18. Molly your dad seems to like you….very much (in a naughty way)

    do you think he would ever take his naughty ambitions to the fullest extent when he is alone with you someday?

  19. Hey Gabriella mentioned she has a little sister, what is she like?
    How does she get any sleep with molly’s name being moaned from her sister bedroom every night?

  20. oh this is where I ask my questions? sorry I’m new to this I just posted my question on the the recent post “Molly doesn’t want to think about it.” I appreciate you taking the time to look into my question. Love your work and can’t wait for more.

    • Oh don’t worry about where you post your question. If you post it to one of the posts that’s fine. Or here is fine too. I’ll get it either way.

      Glad to hear you like my stuff. Hope you like everything that’s coming down the pipe. πŸ™‚

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