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  1. Neat!

    Fun aside, did you know that according to a strict reading of Pennsylvania Section 3127 Title 18 — Indecent Exposure — women technically can’t commit indecent exposure, even if they’re outright nude?

    The way the loophole goes is this — the law specifically states that the genitals must be exposed, but by the legal definition of the term, a woman’s genitals are internal and aren’t “exposed” except during some very specific lewd poses — just walking around in the nude isn’t enough to “expose” them.

    At the very least, it means you can’t be arrested for going around town topless, and the absolute most you could be required to put on would be a tiny little half-apron in the front.

    Isn’t that crazy? Hey, maybe that’s why you didn’t get in trouble when you walked home that day naked?

    Anyway, we probably shouldn’t let Charlotte know about th… uh oh… She’s writing something down over there and smirking… And why’s Evey D sitting there nodding like she already knew?!

  2. “Farmer’s Fields isn’t a real place…”

    Actually, it is – it stretches all the way from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh!

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