15 Comments on “Angie needed company

  1. Welp, there is only one way this can go for Gabby and Angie.
    (holds up purple two sided dildo.)
    How about some ass to ass!

    • I dunno… I figure whatever happens next is going to be worse than whatever would’ve happened to Angie by herself.

        • Not exactly sure yet. And I’ve been a bit busy with commissions and various other projects so the ask blog isn’t getting the love it deserves.

          Obviously there are some suggestions in the comments. Feel free to suggest something yourself. 🙂

          • Well, given from what was seen when Gabby last slept over at Molly’s; I think she LIKES a little force in her sex. Maybe she should introduce her sister to that kink? Start slow though, a little forced bj is always fun.

  2. The current direction of this ongoing encounter lends itself very well to an opportunity to introduce, and present the personality traits, of Gabby and Angie’s mother. Given what is known of the two daughters’ natures, this mother could be a widowed submissive with a passive mode of conduct, but an outlook which is very heavily set toward sexualization. If so, then seeing her daughters in their present state of undress and the eagerness of others to take pleasure utilizing said encounter, this mother’s predisposition for sexualization and her own submissive nature could result in her encouragement to proceed further. At which point, her motherly nurturing would lead her to guide her daughters through these turn of events, instructing them on the appropriate conduct for sexual submission. Gabby, already being rather set in her sexuality may not accept those lessons gracefully, but Angie’s youth would aid her in absorbing her mother’s knowledge and shaping the young girl’s outlook significantly.
    So . . . with all that wishful thinking in mind . . .

    to Angie and Gabby; would you two be so kind as to ask your mother to join us right now too? There is a desire to meet her!

  3. its time to make for both girls to know what the floating hands can really do. hands spread them and show them off for everyone

  4. Hey, Angie, why don’t you bring your little naked ass over here and let Uncle Finn give your cunny a nice cream filling?

  5. Poor Angie… it’s not good to throw her to the wolves so quickly. Can we get Angie warmed up with a toy or maybe some licking?

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