13 Comments on “Ask Josephine and Olivia

  1. Is this the right place to ask?
    Gabriella, when did you first see your friend Molly naked? Did you just ask nicely or…

  2. A handful of questions for Bridget. Feel free to pick any you like! 😀

    What is it like working at Moo-steaks?

    How is your relationship with your boss?

    How is your relationship with your family?

    What sort of evening jobs do you do?

    What is it like being so short?

    Why do you keep taking jobs to babysit Chris when he is such a horrible little gremlin?

  3. Brieon, could you talk about your family and how you get along with each one?

    What does Brieon do for a living?

    Hi, Noelle, would you introduce your family, please?

    Noelle, what do you think about Charlotte?

    Dr. Cassius Cross, out of the friends Charlotte brings her friends over, which is your a favorite and what do you like about them?

    Maya, when you play against someone in P.E. do you prefer a challenge or an easy victory?

    Ron, how is home life for you and your family?

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