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  1. Do not cry. Do not pout
    Do not scream. Do not shout.
    The pain you feel will go away.
    The tears will dry with tomorrows ray
    So bite your lip an do not fight.
    And you’ll be safe in bed tonight.
    And in your room a gift you’ll find.
    A gift from friends who pay you mind
    A pink unicorn to hug and kiss.
    So you can forget about this.

    ~ Your friend Janus

  2. dont worry about it angie, were just gonna play a game. you like games right? well this ones called rape and theres all sorts of ways to play it, now be a good girl and have a seat then spread those legs wide for us.

  3. *Helps Angie fix her clothes* There now that your peach and grapes are covered, *presents basket of fruit* I got the hunch you like these things, so which is your favorite?

  4. Oh dont worry little princess, nobody wants to harm you here but just want to make you more comfortable. Havent you noticed how often other girls are naked around here? But not all of them, only the prettiest get to show off their bodies, and you my dear want to be pretty dont you?

  5. Naturally, I’m sure a lot of folks are awfully excited about this, but I’d hazard the suggestion of calming down and taking your collective time. Do you really want to rob Angie of the joy and fun that can be involved in these sorts of activities, or rob yourselves of someone who is properly encouraged to pursue such enjoyment without overbearing force?

    to Angie; it’s okay. Some people are getting a little ahead of themselves and forgetting to explain things to you. There are some pictures of Molly and Gabby that might help you understand a little better. And while Molly and Gabby might look surprised or sad in some of them, just remember that they’re helping a lot of people feel good. Sometimes simple things like being naked can make other people very happy.

  6. She’s kind of loud. Let’s put something in her mouth to quiet her down. Hmmm, a dick is on level with her.

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