6 Comments on “What Evey and Gabby do

  1. a siGht to behold A BRIght and shining ExampLe of LesbiAn lust at It’S fineSt Let them hAVE fun wiThOut otHERs trying to juDgE her She Is a gRown bEautiful mouSe of a girl SHE Definitely needs sOmE Sex amoNg oTher things Keep helpiNg her grOW evey one day she Will bE moaning out your name or someone wHo might Actually giVE her A touNGe fuckIng shE needs.

    ~The Watcher

  2. Hey Evey, you ever try playing match maker to Gabby and Molly by loosening the two of them up with some special brownies?

  3. I’ll bet you two do all kinds of naughty things. Like… stay up late, eat lots of sweets, and watch old “so bad their good” movies. You dirty girls.

  4. Molly, have you ever tried telling anyone like a school counselor or another responsible adult about what your parents do to you?

    Also, do you need a hug?

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