9 Comments on “Charlotte And Dana 2

  1. charlotte YOU don’t even reAlize theRE are bigger Fish oUt there than you’re little rival. not that we Care what Kind of dEpravity you Do to your petS but knOw nObody escapes us Not even scared little girls like you.

    you can live in our new world or wish you died in your old one

    ~The Watcher

    • That stoner slut might. Hard to strip a nudist and hard to rape a slut who loves to fuck. And she’s usually too high to feel any real shame.

  2. Dana should totally get payback by fucking Charlotte’s mom with horse dick strapon and have it set up where Charlotte walks in! Haha!

  3. Question for Grace: you seem to really enjoy teasing Molly about her weight. Have you ever tried fattening her up a little more? I suggest guilting her into regular overeating by telling her about all the poor starving kids in other countries; that seems like the kind of thing she’d fall for. And just think how embarrassed she’ll be when she can’t squeeze into any of her clothes!

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