4 Comments on “Molly Showers

  1. oh mollY yOU know we ARE Never nOT under OUR observaTion reAlize youR pliGht. accEpT it and you experienCe tHe peAce and seRenity the bLiss that is Obedience. we care abouT you That’s why wE break you It iS FOR your owN gOod We’ve seen you soon you’ll see us.

    oderint dum metuant

    Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim

    ~ The Watcher

  2. Considering Charlotte constantly bullies you about your weight, stripping you, etc. Why are you even a Cheerleader Molly? You don’t seem popular in school and don’t seem like you even want to be popular just treated like a human. Even if you just wanted something to keep you from going home after school I’m sure there are other things.

  3. Molly everyone has their act of rebellion for some like Charlotte it’s bullying. Dana dresses like a punk rocker. Evey flagrantly smokes marijuana. I understand you’re a good girl but even if it’s knowingly borrowing pencils from teachers and never returning them you have your small act of defiance sow what is it?

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