12 Comments on “Charlotte’s Bitch 2

  1. That water probably made the shirt see-through anyway. May as well make her ditch it completely.

  2. Aw, Gabby’s ass looks a bit sad, all cold and wet and lonely, I bet it would appreciate a big, warm friend to snuggle between those cheeks.

  3. well with her ass exposed like that and shes all slick and wet i do belive its time to break out a strap on and take advantage of that exposed wet ass. do be gentle when you pop her anal cherry with your neon pink strap on charlotte. dont want to overwhelm the poor girl. but by all means set up a video camera to record it all X3

  4. Whoo! Yeah! I say keep the ass angle, but get her on all fours. Hell, flip her skirt, show off her naughty bits.

  5. Isn’t Charlotte a bit worried? Gabby’s so quiet, and you know what they say about the quiet ones.. she might snap, turn the tables, and completely forget about it by the time she calms down!

  6. Well, the shirt is useless now, best to just get rid of it, and I think it’s time for a walk. Preferably through a highly populated area.

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