12 Comments on “Charlotte’s Bitch 3

  1. Gabby’s a good doggy. You should find her a stray boy dog and let him have some fun with her.

  2. Personally i despise people who put clothes on their dogs, it’a a utterly useless feature and nothing but a bother to them, you should just get rid of all of them

  3. Well, I don’t know why she has the skirt on at this point.

    I wonder what Molly would say if she ran into them.

  4. well im sure a good bitch like her will get plenty of attention from all the dogs at the park, maybe you should consider breeding her with a few big thick dogs dicks?

  5. You know Charlotte, if you were to get distracted you need to keep Gabriella tied up so she can’t just wander away. Speaking of wandering away… Ah, I’m sure you will be fine.

  6. One of these days Karma’s coming to collect, Charlotte. And you will be the one who will be in the buff amongst your peers and I. The public eye.

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