8 Comments on “Thoughts on Dad

  1. In regards to this and the previous posting I was just thinking why not just marry her Dad and get it over with. Seems he likes her as more than a daughter, might be her only chance lol. Those are simply my own rather twisted thoughts on the matter.

  2. I have a question to ask Molly. If you were in a threesome (fully naked) and say one guy was packing a longer D than the other guy, which would you suck first?

  3. Suddenly Grace’s reticence on her activities with…Molly’s father (since he still hasn’t been named beyond such titles) is explained completely. Though this begs two questions: Is Grace engaging in covert copulation in response to his frequent dismissals? And are her husband’s inclinations apparent to her?

    For clarity, that first one is predominantly there to establish whether she and Molly’s father have preserved their union (and perhaps to establish if they ever were a union). Any other purpose would be a mere formality to ensure the veracity of the obvious conclusion.

    Twenty bucks says this comment soars clear over Grace’s head.

  4. Anything like that ever happen with your mom? Never know what people do when they’re drunk. And she looks like a wine lover.

  5. Ah, how sweet — he knows she has hangups about her body and is helping her get through them by encouraging her to go around without clothes at home. What a bold and innovative way of parenting. Bravo, Sir, Bravo!

  6. She shouldn’t feel TOO uncomfortable about her Dad.

    He seems to take a concern in

    a) her development;
    b) her being comfortable around him, and not having to worry about his seeing her body;
    c) her being stimulated for pleasure. (another minute or two, and her aureole and nipples will not be complaining).

    Thank you for this!

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