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  1. Oh, come now, poor girl knows full well when she gets married she’s going to be naked one way or another — either her evil bridesmaids will steal her dress, the universe will conspire to accidentally destroy it right before she steps down the isle, or due to a series of wacky hijinks her husband will have mistook her for a nudist when they first met and she’s stuck pretending.

    Alternately, a much lewder wedding dress — I’m picturing Charlotte swapping her order for a nice conservative dress for a translucent white lace number without her realizing it.

    Either way, I can believe her getting married, I can’t believe her ever wearing a wedding dress while doing it. 😉

  2. You look really cute in that wedding dress. Would you enjoy you an your husband being in a domestic discipline relationship? You know where the husband can spank you when he feels you need it.

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